Swipsh Web

With Swipsh.com we developed a feature page for the app to showcase all use cases in an innovative and interactive way.

My Role

User Experience Design,

User flow, Prototypes, Wireframes 


With Swipsh.com we wanted to create a creative and interactive environment to present and advertise the new location-based social media app Swipsh. Setting the focus on the corporate identity and the color schemes as well as the main features in the application was the main objective of the project.

To begin with, the website starts with a preloader based on the corporate color scheme, ending in a splash animation. On the main page, the first app design is shown combined with a simple CTA to download the app. The menu is categorized into 4 sections which display additional information during the mouseover.


& Index

Past, Present,


Showcasing the centerpiece of the product - Past, Present, Future, users are able to hover over 3 buttons to trigger a splash animation to switch between the different timezones on the website.


The company section is a short introduction about the history of the team and the main objective of the project. If a user hovers over the name of a founder, gifs start to play and the user gets redirected to the private portfolio.

Swipsh 2.0

In the section "Swipsh 2.0" we decided to implement different interactive elements. Visitors of the website get introduced to the new corporate design as well as the future vision of the product. To present the interactive map users can click through 3 different stages of the interface design.

User Flow Chart



With the mobile version, we tried to integrate interactive elements with a swipe interaction to showcase the different features of the app.


During the whole project, sketches and wireframes helped me and the team to test various layouts as well as testing the usability and content strategy.



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