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A Social Media App that allows people to share their past, present, and future locations safe and easy with their friends.

Time: 2018/2019

Work: Product Design & Strategy

Project Type: Startup


With Swipsh we wanted to create a safe and easy to use environment for users to share their location with their friends and family. Most of the competitors are based on live tracking and display a user's location

at all times resulting in a lack of privacy. Addressing the actuality of the displayed information we integrated 3 columns enabling users to make plans, perceive present ongoings and take notice of past events.


The Product

Swipsh allows the users to interact with each other, seeing where their friends have been, where they are right now or where they are going to be in the future. Past, Present, and future merge into one, giving

users an overview of activities & locations of friends and family. Combined with a check-in check-out algorithm the information displayed is always on point.

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Sketching helped me to iterate fast concepts and came up with the basic scope of features for the final product. At this point, I already set up possible user flows and tried to get a good understanding of

the scope of the application as well as concepts for the layout. Especially in brainstorming session with the team - great ideas came to live on how to improve the overall product experience.



With my foundation of sketches, I had a solid foundation to build on. Setting up inital Wireframes based on a consistent layout and more information was the next step in my creative process. Elevating the

sketches to a digital layer helped me to refine my draft concepts. At this point I started to allocated content and setting up the core layout of the next step
- the final design of the interface


User Flow

Mapping out a userflow helped me to get a better overview of the whole system and potential bottlenecks and pain-points. Concerning the posting of a location, I did a lot of iteration to figure out the

best flow to enable a seamless experience for the end-user. Within the flow colors helped me to map the wireframes and seperate the core section of the app.


Color System

With my collection of wireframes, I got a design pattern to build on. Moving on to the final design, colors, typography as well as the final information architecture were essentials steps on my road

to finalize the product. For the base colors I used blue, green and orange to communicate the different stages (Past, Present & Future). For all the base colors we were using a classic boilerplate.


Component Library

A component library as based on a consistent design system was the foundation for all final designs and the communication with developers and other designers. Throughout the system taking the corporate colors

into consideration was a vital part of building a pleasurable experience. During the design process and ongoing development the library got updated several times to fit new feature sets and requirements. 


Posting Process

We integrated an automatic location algorithm that recognizes a user's location, town, and country within seconds. With the enhanced sharing process, a user can share his current city within 3 taps.

If desired users can tag friends, activities or add a comment to their post. Concerning the status of a post, users can select either a current location of a future location for upcoming plans.



To create a more inclusive platform user can like, comment and interact with posts of their friends. A profile keeps track of all visited places and stores them in a history. Furthermore, this section is the go-to

place for new friend requests to extend a user's network. Every notification is linked to its connected post so users can easily reconnect, chat and update the status in the comments.

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Interactive Map

The interactive Map on Swipsh enables users to have a bigger picture of the recent posts. On the interactive map, Past, Present & Future posts are displayed so users can explore locations of their friends as well

as discover interesting places. A simple slider at the bottom gives users the ability to quickly flip through the contacts while adjusting the map view.



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