VC Swipe matches start-ups and potential investors based on specific parameters and gives both the opportunity to connect over similar interests.

My Role

User Experience Design, Interaction Design, Prototyping, Wireframes, Usability tests,Research with investors and startups

The Product

VC Swipe matches start-ups and potential investors based on specific parameters, preferences and location, giving both the opportunity to selectively connect over similar interests.

With the integration of a Swipe affordance in the discover screen VCSwipe enables startups and investors to match each other through a simple interaction. Creating an environment where users can easily search through potential partners was part of the gamification process in this particular section. Being located in the fin-tech sector, especially in the fundraising area the team tried to create a more informal environment to underline the vision of the product – Ease out the fundraising process on both ends. Besides allowing users to slide elements to complete actions upon passing a threshold the overall interaction is pulled off without any feeling of rejection

Swipe &


User Flow Chart

The Issue

One of the biggest hurdles in bringing startup ideas to life is the lack of proper financing, especially in the early stages. Due to its lack of transparency and no uniform way, the fundraising process itself leaves most aspiring entrepreneurs behind. Caused by bad structured and outdated designs, current fundraising platforms are mostly offering time-consuming and frustrating experiences.


The problem hereby is that this situation is a two-way street, with investors on the other side either lacking traction or getting flooded by applications daily, having to sort out the worthy ones out of countless unworthy proposals, leaving them no choice than to skip most applications.

The Solution

A solution to this problem lies clearly in the concept of matching specific partners after analyzing them under specific parameters to ensure the best investor-start-up matches. Taking the overall experience into account, we want to ease out the whole process by a clean and well-structured design. While Creating excitement generators through interactive elements, we want the product to be as easy as designed as possible. This concept nests in the gap between the other state-of-the-art concepts, combining the best practices from each one into a novel approach as well as a promising alternative

The vision

There has never been a point in time where there were more business opportunities, more money and more people on this planet, yet time seems to diminish every second. In our endeavor of connecting verified and specifically matching investors and start-ups, we want to increase efficiency and eliminate frustration while saving time not only in the fundraising process. Supported by a seeming less experience and a well structured UX design the goal is to redefine the fundraising process informally. VC Swipe intends to hop on the wave of profound change that is being made by disruptive technologies changing ancient structures across different sectors and having a huge societal, economic and environmental impact.



Developing the first web-based project, sketching helped me to find the first draft designs and elaborate on the basic structure of the final product.  Defining hierarchies of buttons, features, and interactions based on previous research was an important part of the sketching process. Working in tandem with developers and designers to set up the first wireframes helped us to finally summarize the scope of the project as well as the fundamental structure.

The Story

Already being in touch with startups and fundraising processes (Swipsh), I was thinking about an innovative solution to solve bottlenecks in the communication between startups and investors. While observing other swiping interactions and gamification concepts the idea of a new fundraising platform was born. Providing a well-structured search to meet the basic needs for startups and investors combined with informal interactions to ease out the matchmaking for both sides. Already being in touch with the ESA through Swipsh, we managed it to get another Incubation offer for VCSwipe.


Marvin Schwaibold (Lead UI Designer) //

Raoul Gaillard (Lead Web Developer) //

Lukas Kmoth (Co-Founder & Lead UX Designer)

Adrian Pirija (Co-Founder & Marketing)