Hochburg is a strategic design agency with a focus on brand communication and corporate design. 

My Role

User Experience Design, User Flow

Prototypes, Wireframes 


The goal was to create an interactive environment in which the cases would thrive, entice users, build up excitement and surprise while keeping simplicity and usability in mind. The outcome was a bold and simple structured website that showcases Hochburg's eye for detail and vision when it comes to corporate graphic design.

As a fundamental approach for the user experience design, we implemented a scroll interaction to browse through the different projects. We use this mechanic throughout the entire page, and it adds a secondary level of navigation for users to enhance their mobility throughout the site.

Scroll UX



Having a look on the menu you can recognize an unlimited scroll for the different sections of the website. The infinite menu is the centerpiece of the site, as well as its primary navigation tool. It needed to be bold and intuitive.

Showcasing all the projects of Hochburg we wanted users to face a different experience of the projects. Setting up a horizontal user flow by aligning with the way we read and envision time, the overall interaction becomes an excitement generator for the end-user

Scroll Next

User Flow Chart 


The responsive design is focused on a high usability while taking all interactive elements of the webversion into account.

Scribbling and wireframing before the actual design process helped me to define various layouts before the design team was starting to work on the project.




During the initial design phase, we went back and forth on every aspect of the site, discussed, prototyped and reviewed each section for weeks on end. It was a challenge to bring different mindsets towards digital products together, but at the end of the day, we enhanced each other’s minds and skillsets further.