Google Marker

Google reached out to me for a design sprint with the goal to simplify the reporting, filing and management process of damages on a campus. 


"Design an experience that allows students to report building or equipment issues on campus. Consider the process of those filing the report and of those receiving and taking action on the issues. (Timeline: 6 Days)"

The Product

Marker is a digital experience for students and the facility management to simplify the reporting, filing and management process of damages and equipment issues on the campus through an inclusive cross-platform system.”

A Report

The process of filing a report consists of 3 screens in which the user has to insert the information. The header holds a progress bar that indicates the filing stages a user has to go through to complete a filing report. In the first screen, the essential information consists of
the building name, floor level, and the room number. In the next screen, users can provide a short description of the issue they are reporting. They are able to add a picture to clarify the issue they are reporting. To enhance communication with facility management, users can provide contact information to be reachable.


User Flow


The report receiving experience will be an internal system displayed on a tablet device for easy access to organize incoming requests and create a communicative environment to enhance the problem-solving process in an inclusive approach.


While designing the interaction between the facility management and the staff members I thought about the next step of the problem-solving process. The goal of the Marker app is to optimize the communication between students and the facility management. During the design process, I came up with additional ideas to further develop the product.