CoinZoom is a digital asset exchange providing superb trade quality and customer-focused tools that help customers become successful traders.

Time: 02 / 2021

Work: Product Design & Strategy

Project Type: Redesign


CoinZoom, with customers in 185 countries, is the next generation digital asset exchange that uses the team's vast experience in providing superb trade quality, customer-focused tools, and technology that help

customers become successful traders. CoinZoom offers services in buying, selling, and spending Bitcoin, Ethereum, and over 28 top digital currencies. CoinZoom's premier product is its CoinZoom Visa card.


The Product

CoinZoom offers users the possibility to instantly buy cryptocurrencies without a fee. Having insight into the history and performance of a currency is one of the core features of setting up your crypto portfolio.

Within the process of buying crypto CoinZoom is offering a quick selection of fixed amounts to ease out the process for unexperienced users. Furthermore users can set up recurring buy orders.

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For the redesign it was an important step for me to set up wireframes of the entire product flow to understand the scope and analyze potential layouts that are different from the existing layout of the product.

Especially working with other developers and creative directors required me to communicate my interface layouts to figure out potential bottlenecks and pain points throughout the experience. 


Color System

The color system for CoinZoom is based on two primary brand colors consisting of a neon green and a calm red tone that lay the visual foundation for the product design. The green and red was mostly used

to highlight specific call to actions and support the vital feature sets of the product. For all the base colors we were using a classic boilerplate to keep the product as clean as possible.



Working on a complex product with multiple developers, creative directors, and researchers a consistent component library played an important role to achieve a successful redesign of the current product.

The entire library was based on the color system as well as the new brand typography. During the process this design system was curated and adjusted to iterate on the final design of CoinZooms new application.



The balance overview is providing users great insight on their portfolio and current balance of the account. Besides the total amount this screen shows each currency and its portfolio value. This view is the entry 

point of withdrawing and depositing money and cryptocurrencies to fund the account. CoinZoom is supporting hundreds of individual coins to buy, deposit, sell and exchange. 

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Zoom Me

CoinZoom also offers global customers a premier Peer-to-Peer payments system called ZoomMe. CoinZoom customers can send fiat and crypto anywhere in the world, instantly for free.

After selecting a specific wallet and amount users can select a contact to send fiat or cryptocurrencies to their friends and family. To confirm a transaction users need to input their 4- digit pin for extra security.

Past Present Future.png


To keep track of money deposits, gifts and credit card charges the notifications tab is giving users insight into the history of their account transactions. 

In specific this view also showcases transaction and tokens send to friends as well as incoming transactions. 

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CoinZoom Card

The most important feature of CoinZooms redesign is the card interface and process of bringing crypto to real life. Users can select different plans and have insight into the benefits of each card. 

Within the app CoinZoom is providing a dedicated space to select a specific wallet for transactions as well as offering quick access to actions like locking the card, getting instant support and reordering the card.




Swipsh App

004 - Product Design & UX Research

A social media app that allows people to share their past, present, and future locations safe and easy with their friends. The product was build in cooperation with the European Space Agency and the European Union. 

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